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Death & Dying

The End to Someone’s Story

What You Will Learn

  • How cultures view death and dying
  • The process of dying
  • How to support the dying and their families
  • The grieving process: myths and realities

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What You Will Learn

  • How cultures view death and dying
  • The process of dying
  • How to support the dying and their families
  • The grieving process: myths and realities

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195 minutes
Date Published

February 18, 2021


Ohio Health Care Association


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“I really enjoyed the topic of death and dying. It rounded out the information from admission to a resident passing away, and provided relief for me to understand more in-depth the process of this -- especially with hospice patients.”

“Patrick Mead was one of the best speakers I have heard on any subject in my entire life. His participation was a great moment of enjoyment throughout this webinar.”

During this three-hour workshop, Dr. Patrick Mead will look at the process of dying and how it affects the larger family/social community.

This session will be conducted via story, engagement with the stories of the students, and delivered in an upbeat, understandable way. Dr. Mead is a favorite speaker at the BELTSS Core of Knowledge for new nursing home administrators as well as many other OHCA events. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your entire team benefit from this vital presentation.

“Beginning the day I had no idea how Dr. Mead would present on the idea of death. Let me just say after his presentation he is an individual I will be trying to be like not only in my career but in my everyday life. I believe 100% the best way to learn is through experience and stories. His stories were not only extremely informative but touched the heart and soul. I am not sure if there is anyone who can top his presentation. I found myself deeply engaged during the whole presentation and just wanted to hear more. His humor really broke up some of the sad stories and allowed everyone to connect on an emotional level I believe. I hope I can meet Patrick one day and just really show him my appreciation for his presentation today and how it makes me not only want to be a better leader but a better person in general.”

“Dr. Mead is definitely a presenter that should have a whole day dedicated to him presenting. The vast knowledge of understanding how to dig deeper and allow the resident to live their life without interruption is incredible. His stories life-changing in not only a career sense but loving the ones around you in both your building and personal life.”

“Patrick was phenomenal!!! You could feel the passion and sincerity about what he does. He kept my attention the entire time.”

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Patrick Mead

Patrick holds two doctorates in the fields of psychology and neuroscience. He specializes in the study of fear-response,... Read More

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